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edbegley3.jpgAside from the occasional clip on YouTube, we don’t have much time to watch TV at TerraPass. But that may change now that we’ve seen the first episode of Ed Begley, Jr.’s new green reality show “Living With Ed.”

Tom and I dropped into Hollywood last night (unfamiliar territory for us) to see the premiere of Ed’s program. Once our eyes refocused from the camera flash-bulbs popping at celebrities attending this event (e.g., Geena Davis, Jeff Goldblum, Cheryl Tiegs, Adrienne Janic, etc.), we settled into a movie theater for a special screening for 200 guests.

We weren’t there by accident. Ed Begley, an award-winning actor and longtime environmental activist, has chosen a small group of environmental companies (TerraPass included) to promote on the show. In every case, Ed uses and believes in their products and wants to help introduce them to a nationwide television audience. Ed bought his first TerraPass in 2005 and now has one for each of his two Priuses. He speaks knowledgeably about the value of voluntary carbon offsets in addressing global warming.

“Living With Ed” will be broadcast on the popular cable network HGTV beginning on New Year’s Day and in prime-time on Sundays at 10:00 pm thereafter. It offers an entertaining window into the challenges of a married couple living green. The plot revolves around the dynamic between Ed and his wife Rachelle. Thanks to Ed, their Los Angeles home is filled with every green option known to humankind — solar panels on the roof, CFLs in every socket, bicycle-powered electricity generation, etc. Rachelle thinks that Ed is slightly nuts and that he has taken his environmental lifestyle too far.

Although most reality TV shows are anything but, the marital dynamic in Living With Ed is actually a common one. Because environmental choices cut close to some basic issues of home and hearth, they can be a source of (hopefully lighthearted) conflict. Happily, in the show, Ed wins over Rachelle by showing her how easy it is to walk the environmental talk.

We’re told that in a future episode Ed, while preparing for a road trip, is going to show Rachelle how and why he buys a carbon offset through TerraPass. Stay tuned; we will let you know when this program is coming. As Tom and I conversed with guests at the reception last night, there was a palpable sense that we had just seen a TV hit in the making.

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  1. Jeff - December 27, 2006

    Dear Terrapass,

    I really appreciate everything you do for the environment, however, I would like to request that you change your front page to reflect proper grammar. I don’t want to destroy the English language while saving the planet. “My car and I….”

  2. Elizaveta - December 27, 2006

    Way to go, guys! I have been sporting a big blue terrapass sticker in the upper middle of the back of my old 4-runner for a few months now. Go, go, go!

  3. steve - December 27, 2006

    Thank you, Mr. Begley. You are an inspiration to me. I have become active in the local Sierra Club due to your example on global warming and alternative fuels. A victory for the polar bears, I am very happy.

  4. Barbara Appelbaum - December 29, 2006

    Since a lot of people still think that environmentalists are a bit cuckoo, I think it is important to make going green seem mainstream. People also like joining successful efforts. So how about posting on your home page the number of members, or size of contributions, or something like that, over the short time you’ve been “in business?”