TerraPass: 100 million served

Probably not a good brand association for usTerraPass recently passed a meaningless-but-entertaining milestone. We’ve now balanced out just over 100 million pounds of carbon, the equivalent of taking almost 15,000 Honda Civics off the road for a year (or, ahem, 7,500 Hummers). We’ve also sponsored a bunch of exciting new clean energy projects that we’ll be describing in greater detail soon.

Our stated goal is 10 billion pounds of carbon, so we’re now 1% of the way there. Once we hit that goal, we can officially declare global warming a solved problem, and shift our focus to selling our gourmet line of jams and jellies.

Just kidding. There will be plenty to work on after we hit 10 billion. For now, we’re just focused on the second 100 million. Thanks for helping us get this far.

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  1. Oliver Strube - June 21, 2006

    Hey Adam, I really like the idea of the TerraJam. Let me know when I can buy the carbon free sour cherry variety:)

    Seriously, as satisfied customer I hope you make it to the second 100 million pounds in the very near future.


  2. Lee - June 21, 2006

    Adam —

    Congratulations! How many TerraPasses does that mean you have sold?


  3. Reed - June 22, 2006

    Without doing the math I’m wondering did you mean 1500 Civics or 75000 Hummers. Right now you’re suggesting that Hummers are twice as fuel efficient as Civics which is pretty funny.

  4. Reed - June 22, 2006

    Nope, got it backwards. my bad.

  5. pradwastes - June 24, 2006

    In the Los Angeles area the high price of gasoline has added thousands of new customers to the commuter trains that make it to downtown in half the time that driving there. The cost of the tickets are less than the cost of parking cars.
    That should offset a pound or so of carbon.