A family affair: Go green together

A family affair: Go green together
This post originally appeared on the JustGreen Community website. Has your family experienced one too many nights of brawling over the Monopoly board? Have family movie nights gone as stale as the popcorn? If you’re looking for some fresh ideas on how to spend quality time together as a family, consider making “going green” a family affair! Plan an Eco-Vacation:… read more →

Trick-or-treat! (we prefer treat)

Happy Halloween! TODAY ONLY: we're offering a sweet deal! Get a FREE climate change chocolate bar when you offset your (or your mummy's) car for the year - 12,000 lbs of carbon offsets. Check out more details here, including an even sweeter deal for Prius drivers! For those of you looking to renew your TerraPasses... could you have asked for… read more →

They paved paradise and put up a paradox

I just finished David Owen's Green Metropolis, the book-length treatment of his 2004 article claiming that New York is the greenest city in America. A full review will have to wait until next week, but if you want a taste of the sort of twisted environmental logic that drives Owen batty, check out this USA Today article on "eco-friendly parking… read more →

Students propose micro-utility in Oregon

This story will delight my colleague Peter, who has an inexplicable fetish for district heating systems: a group of college students are attempting to set up a hyperlocal utility in Portland, Oregon by linking a network of renewable energy sources over a 54-square block neighborhood. The energy in question isn't in the form of electricity, but rather heat. The proposed… read more →

Judah Maccabee had a TerraPass

Jerusalem, Dec. 14 -- Just days before the arrival of Hanukkah 5769, archeologists have surprised Jews around the world with the discovery that Judah Maccabee -- the protagonist in the famous Jewish survival story -- had a Home TerraPass affixed to his tent. The evidence emerged from a previously untouched area of Israeli land where the Maccabees fought their last… read more →

TreeHugger on the ScanGauge: tames teenage drivers

John Laumer at TreeHugger recently put the ScanGauge II car computer through its paces. The first phase of the test was one of the most grueling journeys known to man: a cross-country trip with teenage drivers. The device performed admirably from installation to destination: > Taking turns driving on our cross country trip, I were able to demonstrate at our… read more →

For Moms only

This is a private message for the Moms. If you're a Dad, skip to another post. OK, Moms, we know how this works. On Father's Day, the kids need to present Dad with a token of their affection, and to make that happen, we have to find such token and buy it. When my kids were younger, I usually took… read more →

Help Dad lower his footprint

Some Father's Day gifts that will save energy and often save money as well. And they can be used every day (not like those cuff links you gave last year...) **Around the home** Consistently our top seller is the Smart Strip. Plug the computer or TV and all the peripherals into one of these and watch the savings. It's simple:… read more →

How to toast Earth Day

Dr. Vino is still working the low-carbon wine beat. It seems someone has actually taken up the challenge of delivering a quality wine in TetraPak packaging. These cardboard-and-aluminum "juice boxes" are dramatically lighter than traditional glass bottles, and therefore greatly reduce carbon emissions from shipping. Actually, the maker of the Yellow + Blue Malbec has taken a number of measures… read more →
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