Judah Maccabee had a TerraPass

Jerusalem, Dec. 14 -- Just days before the arrival of Hanukkah 5769, archeologists have surprised Jews around the world with the discovery that Judah Maccabee -- the protagonist in the famous Jewish survival story -- had a Home TerraPass affixed to his tent. The evidence emerged from a previously untouched area of Israeli land where the Maccabees fought their last… read more →

TreeHugger on the ScanGauge: tames teenage drivers

John Laumer at TreeHugger recently put the ScanGauge II car computer through its paces. The first phase of the test was one of the most grueling journeys known to man: a cross-country trip with teenage drivers. The device performed admirably from installation to destination: > Taking turns driving on our cross country trip, I were able to demonstrate at our… read more →

For Moms only

This is a private message for the Moms. If you're a Dad, skip to another post. OK, Moms, we know how this works. On Father's Day, the kids need to present Dad with a token of their affection, and to make that happen, we have to find such token and buy it. When my kids were younger, I usually took… read more →

Help Dad lower his footprint

Some Father's Day gifts that will save energy and often save money as well. And they can be used every day (not like those cuff links you gave last year...) **Around the home** Consistently our top seller is the Smart Strip. Plug the computer or TV and all the peripherals into one of these and watch the savings. It's simple:… read more →

How to toast Earth Day

Dr. Vino is still working the low-carbon wine beat. It seems someone has actually taken up the challenge of delivering a quality wine in TetraPak packaging. These cardboard-and-aluminum "juice boxes" are dramatically lighter than traditional glass bottles, and therefore greatly reduce carbon emissions from shipping. Actually, the maker of the Yellow + Blue Malbec has taken a number of measures… read more →

Second cohort of projects enters comment period

Last month, we saw seven projects successfully go through the TerraPass comment period. To our knowledge, we're the only carbon offset company to incorporate public stakeholder input into our project selection process. A new engine will generate clean energy from landfill gas at Worcester County Landfill. Today we're adding two more projects to the mix: a brand new landfill gas… read more →

Big ideas for low-carbon living

Yesterday the New York Times offered up a green issue of its Sunday Magazine focused exclusively on carbon. Some of the stuff you've seen before (particularly if you read this blog) and some of the stuff is a bit slight (hasn't Blackle been debunked about 100 times over by now?), but there are, of course, plenty of interesting nuggets. Here… read more →

It’s true: Free is good

I moved recently, a relatively painless experience that was made all the smoother by the magic of Freecycle. Yahoo! is presently plugging Freecycle with some free giveaways as part of an Earth Day promotion, so if you haven't yet been introduced to this scrappy online community, now might be a good time to sign up. Freecycle is not much more… read more →

Go hug an elevator

The New Yorker turns in a fun, New Yorker-ish look at elevators, the unsung heroes of the environmentally-friendly urban lifestyle: > Two things make tall buildings possible: the steel frame and the safety elevator. The elevator, underrated and overlooked, is to the city what paper is to reading and gunpowder is to war. Without the elevator, there would be no… read more →

The World Is Just Awesome

So, yeah, this is an ad for cable television network. I still find it really fun to watch. Question: who's the guy singing, "I love arachnids"? It looks like Liev Schreiber, but I'm thinking that's not right. Any Discovery Channel fans out there? (For that matter, the guy with the rocket launcher looks like Howie Mandel, but I'm thinking that's… read more →
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