The Five R’s of Event Sustainability

The following tips are provided by TerraPass partner Meet Green, which helps organizations improve their events by integrating sustainable decisions through the planning process. Re-think: When was the last time you stood back and took a hard look at your event model? Rethinking is about taking stock of your event, the format you use and how participant needs are evolving. Could… read more →

Reducing the carbon footprint of your conference

Recently at TerraPass, we have worked with several companies on reducing the carbon footprint of their conferences or events. Time and time we have been seeing the same results when it comes to mitigating the carbon footprint of an event. Read on to learn more about the footprint of events. Collectively, business travel creates a sizable carbon footprint for conferences.  Conferences can… read more →

Many corporations continue to ignore their largest sources of emissions

By Mark Mondik Just before Thanksgiving, I attended VERGE SF, a gathering of the sustainability community in San Francisco.  Overall, the conference was well run, informative, and professionally produced—a success—but I couldn't help feeling that something was missing from the conversation.  Later, I realized what it was: Almost no one was talking about a comprehensive plan to address the bulk… read more →

The carbon footprint of Thanksgiving

By Lauren Rosenberg Thanksgiving is a week away, and we’ve broken down the carbon footprint of a turkey, as well as the biggest emitter of greenhouse gases this holiday season: Thanksgiving-related travel. See how your choices affect your carbon footprint, and learn how to lower your impact. Have more ideas to reduce your carbon footprint this Thanksgiving? Share them with us… read more →

A site visit to the Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority

How verification of this landfill gas collection & combustion project works Though created on a continuous basis, carbon offsets are actually delivered in chunks based on the chosen length of a reporting period. These are often one year long, but the Voluntary Carbon Standard allows for longer. In this case, GLRA has a reporting period of a year and a… read more →
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