Bali: the end of the beginning

This guest post was written by Erin Condit-Bergren in Bali. Erin, 25, is one of the founding members of SustainUS and currently works and lives in London. At the moment I'm sitting on a fourteen hour flight, the last leg of my journey home. My round-trip flight from London (where I live and work) emitted about 3 tons of carbon… read more →

Boat aims to set speed record…powered by human fat

Here's a nice PR gimmick -- and by nice, I mean totally disgusting: power your monster "eco boat" with biodiesel made from human fat: You can also make biodiesel from tallow (animal fats), fish oil, seaweed and algae. In fact, in an extraordinary show of dedication to the project, the skipper, Pete Bethune, underwent liposuction, and the fat (all 100ml)… read more →

Give the gift of a massive hangover

I previously wrote about Dr. Vino's excellent analysis of the carbon footprint of wine consumption. Now the good doctor follows up with some green wine gift selections. The main trick, it seems, is to give a really big bottle so as to minimize the bottle-to-wine shipping weight. Magnums -- which are twice the size of regular bottles -- certainly look… read more →

Remember when truth was more than inconvenient?

I found myself surprisingly touched by this story of a 71-year-old MIT physics professor whose online lectures have become an internet sensation. The article includes the story of a florist whose interest in rainbows led him to Google, which led him to Professor Lewin's videos, which eventually led him to take courses in physics, calculus, and differential equations just so… read more →

Climate news keeps on rolling in

If you've been as overwhelmed with holiday stuff as we have, perhaps you haven't been able to keep on top of the recent avalanche of climate news. I had hoped to do deeper (and timelier) analysis of this stuff, but perhaps people will like the capsule version better anyway: Bali climate conference High drama at the UN conference in Bali:… read more →

The REDD zone: World’s forests under negotiation at Bali

The following post was written by Erin Condit-Bergren, 25, in Bali. Erin is a climate activist from California currently working in London. Trees: believe it or not, they are still at the center of the environmental debate. Most people are focused on industrialized nations’ contribution to global warming from industrial activities and transportation, but deforestation from developing countries also plays… read more →

International youth join up with UNICEF in Bali

This guest post was written by David Solheim in Bali. Solheim is the student body president at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Early Wednesday evening, youth from around the world took the stage to speak a simple truth to the delegates at Bali. In a press conference convened in conjunction with UNICEF, youth spoke about the effects of climate change on… read more →

Taxicab Confessions

In Big Yellow Taxi, Joni Mitchell sang "Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till its gone." This month New York City's Taxi and Limousine Commission stepped up to promote hybrid taxi cabs by mandating that after October 2008 all new cabs will have to get at least 25 miles per gallon. The requirement… read more →

Jellyfish sandwiches

A group of biodiversity experts have proposed an inter-governmental panel modeled on the IPCC to synthesize information on the biodiversity impacts of climate change and provide an interface between policymakers and scientists. This is a sensible step. Humankind is highly adaptable. Come what may, there will likely be a lot more people on the earth in 100 years than there… read more →

Memo from Bali: SustainUS trip to UN Climate Negotiations

The following is a guest post from Erin Kenzie, who is attending the climate talks in Bali as the chairperson of SustainUS, a youth organization dedicated to fighting climate change. Carbon offsets to balance the delegates' travel were donated by TerraPass. You can learn more about SustainUS' work at itsgettinghotinhere.org and at youtube.com/sustainus. Yesterday was the first day of the… read more →
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