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TerraPass was created in six weeks. That’s how long it took to go from initial idea to live web site, real products, and the first few sales.

We didn’t have any carbon calculators on our web site at the time. Our idea then was that people would simply choose the appropriate TerraPass based on their vehicle type. Of course, there’s no such thing as a vehicle emissions class. Fuel economy varies widely even among vehicles of the same basic body type. More importantly, your carbon footprint depends critically not only on what you drive, but also on how far you drive it.

No matter. We cooked up four TerraPasses — Hybrid, Efficient, Standard, Utility — and hoped things would sort themselves out.

They didn’t. Soon after we launched, we created our first carbon calculator (in Romania, thanks to RentACoder), and the flaws in our naming scheme were exposed. Rarely driven Ford Explorers were eligible for a Hybrid TerraPass. Heavily driven Cooper Minis fell into the Utility category. The classification system became even more confusing when auto manufacturers started producing hybrid SUVs.

So today were chucking out the old naming scheme and bringing in the new. We have a new shipment of decals for 2007, and a new set of product names:

  • TerraPass Around Towner: 6,000 lbs CO2
  • TerraPass Cross Towner: 8,000 lbs CO2
  • TerraPass Out of Towner: 12,000 lbs CO2
  • TerraPass Road Tripper: 20,000

Other than the names, nothing has changed. Same prices, same amounts of CO2, same projects, same verification. Enjoy!

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  1. Carey - December 27, 2006

    Cool. I am a first-time TerraPasser and was surprised to learn about the “classification” of my car, but happy to know my driving habits do have an effect on the CO2. I like the new names! I just wish I could have the new name on my recently purchase passes for myself and family members… 😉

  2. Tom H - December 27, 2006

    This is a great idea (despite my recent blog post titled “Call an SUV an SUV, and Mean It” :-). Anyone buying a TerraPass should be excluded from the epithet “SUV”; some people didn’t know or even might have a valid reason for buying one.
    In any case, buying a TerraPass promotes many ideas and raises awareness … not to mention the primary purpose of supporting alternative energy using the basics of supply and demand.
    Seriously, it’s a good thing to provide an option that doesn’t make people trying to do the right thing feel guilty.
    My only suggestion is that you provide optional sizes for the decals: before I flip the bird at a passing Escalade it would be great to know if they have seen the light; the small decals are hard to see.

  3. Aaron A. - December 27, 2006

    I like it. It’s catchy, and more consistent with the naming scheme for the flight TerraPasses.

  4. rob - December 28, 2006

    Great idea. I actually gave the Ford Greener Miles TerraPasses as gifts because of the names. No sense further confusing someone who already doesn’t completely grasp the idea (‘But I don’t drive a Hybrid’).

  5. Barbara Appelbaum - December 29, 2006

    Just a note – I had an e-mail conversation a couple of weeks ago about having trouble using the site on a MAC. I tried again today and it worked – who knew!?