Kids and their power to move us

Take five minutes to watch Severn Suzuki talk to the Rio Summit in 1992:

You may be wondering who this amazing orator and activist is, and where she is now. She is the daughter of Canadian environmental guru, writer and leader David Suzuki. Fifteen years later, she is now an environmental leader in her own right.

Green leaders have known for a long time that legacy is a powerful message. Some have used it to scare us into action, some to inspire. Even hard-nosed venture capitalists have been touched by a responsibility to future generations.

But nothing quite touches you like this speech. My challenge to folks in the climate-aware community is this:

  1. Put your kid(s) on YouTube. Seriously.
  2. Are you a climate professional going to negotiations in Bali? Bring your children, or at least talk about them while you are there.
  3. Does anyone have any connection to Chelsea, the Bush daughters, Malia or Natasha, to ask them to come to Bali and remind of us what we are working on? Imagine if they all showed up…

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  1. Adam Stein - July 23, 2007

    Oh, man, you have so teed up the Barbara and Jenna jokes. Please, readers, keep it PG-13.
    I’d humbly suggest that the offspring of current candidates and political figures are a probably too closely tied to U.S. electoral politics to act as effective ambassadors on this issue. Let’s find some cute, articulate, and unknown kids to rally for the cause.

  2. Emily - July 24, 2007

    I’m inclined to agree — particularly if we’re talking about the Bush daughters, who are known, fairly or unfairly, as vacuous party girls; their contribution would be limited at best and counterproductive at worst.