Introducing: the Carbon Balanced Business


We’ve just unwrapped our latest product offering: the Business TerraPass for balancing emissions from organizational activities such as on-site electricity use, off-site server energy use, corporate travel, employee commutes, etc. The product comes with a whizzy new carbon calculator for tallying business emissions.

We’ve actually been helping organizations balance their emissions for a long time now, as our partner page attests. But with this product launch, we’re formalizing the offering, making the process of assessing your company’s carbon footprint vastly easier, and also unveiling the TerraPass Badge Program for your web site and marketing materials.

Joining us in the announcement are three launch partners: our friends at Expedia; the active travel company Butterfield & Robinson, who have been arranging custom biking and hiking trips for over forty years; and the specialists at Architectural Area Lighting, who know a thing or two about energy efficiency.

A Business TerraPass offers the same high-quality, affordably priced carbon offsets available with all of our products. Let us know what you think. The calculator is fun and easy to use. And if you think your organization might be interested in balancing its carbon emissions, have us contact you. Thanks!

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  1. Dave Schappell - January 15, 2008

    Kudos to the TerraPass team for the business program — really, the site looks great, and the experience was really fun (especially the calculator!). We also really like the partner pages — it’s fun to find other like-minded businesses and organizations, and it’s a great incentive for you to have offered up. Best of luck with your future projects (on-site and in-the-field).