Fire fighters fighting global warming

Check this out:


That’s the Professional Fire Fighters Local 3786, in Robbinsville, New Jersey. Here’s a close-up of the truck:


And here’s a video the group put together laying out the efforts they’ve made to green their firehouse. Buying a TerraPass to balance the emissions from their fire engines was only one of several steps taken, including a bunch of great efficiency measures that make sense for anyone looking to lower his or her footprint.

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  1. FM - March 12, 2008

    Brilliant! So impressed.

  2. BK - March 12, 2008

    As a fellow resident of NJ, I am sooo proud of you for setting such a great example!

  3. KJA - March 13, 2008

    Wonderful! This team puts out a powerful message. A great way for me to start my day in San Francisco.