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Tontitown: the timing test

Perhaps the simplest additionality criterion is the timing test. The timing test asks whether the timing of the project is compatible with the notion that carbon offsets played a role in its development. So, for example, projects that are too old will fail a timing test. No one was considering revenue from carbon offsets thirty years ago when the oil… read more →

Taking a look at Tontitown

I've laid enough groundwork at this point that it's time to start digging into the particulars of the Tontitown landfill gas flaring project. Tontitown isn't the only project criticized in the BusinessWeek article, but it is the one with by far the most substantive set of accusations behind it. Most of the criticisms in the article are quotes from individuals… read more →

Measuring additionality: a step-by-step guide

I'm not done with the background material on additionality, but I do want to start to discuss how additionality is measured in actual practice, as a prelude to focusing more specifically on the Tontitown project review. One way you don't measure additionality is by calling up a bunch of people and asking them whether they think a project is additional.… read more →

Why additionality matters

Yesterday I posed the question, "Why all the fuss about additionality?" Today I answer that question. Recall that you hear at least two lines of argument about why we should stop worrying about strict additionality. The first is that strict additionality is too difficult to measure. We should therefore redefine the concept of additionality to be "projects we like" so… read more →

Additionality smackdown: Monday round-up

We're making brisk progress on Day 1 of our additionality smackdown. A rundown of the day's achievements: We have now assembled half of our expert panel of judges for the additionality report we are assembling. Bill Schlesinger has agreed to participate. Bill sits on our Technical Advisory Board, and among a long list of accomplishments, he was lead author on… read more →

Why all the fuss about additionality anyway?

As a starting point for our review of project additionality, it's worth stepping back for a second and posing a motivating question: what's the big deal about additionality? It's helpful to define terms, so here once again is a stock definition of additionality: Additionality: Emissions reductions are "additional" if they occur because of the incentives associated with the existence of… read more →

Kicking off our week of additionality

It's pretty much going to be all additionality all the time here for the next week. Alongside the research we do into the Tontitown project, we're also going to delve deeply into the policy questions around additionality. Essentially, we're going to be offering an in-depth policy review, coupled with a real-time case study focusing on Tontitown. It is important for… read more →

Digging in to the landfill

BusinessWeek takes a hard look at carbon offsets and doesn't like what it sees. The article criticizes offsets from a number of angles, but the one that matters is the charge that offset projects, including some in TerraPass' portfolio, would have happened even without the sale of offsets. Additionality -- the notion that projects would not have happened if not… read more →
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