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Tackling Carbon Pollution from Sports Fans

By Nancy Bsales & Kathryn Sarkis Over the last 10 years the sports industry has started to achieve meaningful reductions in greenhouse gas emission by implementing programs to improve their environmental footprints. Nevertheless, sporting events continue to have a big carbon footprint. According to the NRDC, in 2011 Major League Baseball’s 73 million fans went to 2,430 regular season games. Team… read more →

Failing landfill projects increase U.S. GHG emissions

Apathy toward U.S. landfill gas capture projects means that more methane is being released into the atmosphere. By Mark Mondik For more than five years, proceeds from the sale of carbon offsets have played a vital role in helping fund the implementation and operation of gas collection and control systems (GCCS) at small to mid-size landfills in the U.S.  In… read more →

Running out of rooftop?

Site your next solar project on a virtual rooftop instead. By Erin Craig Rooftop solar projects are absolutely fabulous.   Both the facilities manager and the sustainability manager have cause to celebrate, with reduced electricity costs and reduced emissions.  And unlike energy efficiency projects, which perhaps unfairly convey the notion that the company was heretofore wasting energy, rooftop solar panels present an uncomplicated,… read more →

Meeting mythbusters: The cost of carbon accountability

TerraPass is happy to welcome guest blogger Shawna McKinley to The Footprint to share her extensive knowledge of the events industry. A recent column claiming tech conferences are destroying the world is the inspiration for today’s Monday Meeting Mythbusters. While many a commenter has weighed in on everything from the science of climate change to the value of face to face meetings, I’m… read more →

Canada Day & 4th of July: Low carbon celebrations

Canada Day & 4th of July: Low carbon celebrations
This Canada Day/Fourth of July, show some pride in your country (and our planet) with cleaner, greener celebrations! Below, we’ve compiled a few of our top tips for keeping the holidays a little more eco-friendly: Planet-Friendly Partying: Hosting a backyard bash this year? Consider re-usable dishware, utensils, and tablecloths. Encourage friends and neighbors to walk, bike, or carpool if they… read more →

Carbon Offsets Take New Flight

By Mark Mondik The transportation sector and its customers keep returning to offset projects in the absence of other near-term solutions. Recently, Tony Tyler, the head of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), said a global carbon offsetting system was the way to tackle the sector’s greenhouse gas emissions. He is not alone when it comes to addressing transportation emissions. … read more →

Comment period extended: Sunny Knoll Farms

Due to a technical glitch information on Sunny Knoll Farms was unavailable so we are extending the comment period until July 1, 2013 Sunny Knoll Farms is a large dairy farm in Perry, New York, a town known for its high concentration of dairy farms (with four or five in the area). Sunny Knoll participates in both with the Cornell… read more →

Reduce your footprint: BBQ edition

Reduce your footprint: BBQ edition
When we think about the scents of summer, we think of fresh cut grass, salt and sand at the beach, and sizzling burgers. Take a deep breath.  Bet you can almost smell the tantalizing aroma of kebabs, burgers, steaks and chicken on the grill! Are you planning a backyard bash to kickoff the dog days of summer (hot dog, that… read more →

Examples to live by: Environment Week in Canada

Examples to live by: Environment Week in Canada
This post originally appeared on the JustGreen Community website. Lead by Example:  We hear it said all the time, and we all know that it’s one of the best ways to influence others.  The idea of leading by example is especially important when it comes to matters of national and global importance – such as promoting sustainability and the reduction… read more →
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