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Roundtable discussion on corporate sustainability

  • May 14, 2010
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The Centre for Sustainability and Excellence and TerraPass are proud to host "Measuring & Addressing Environmental Impacts throughout the Entire Life Cycle and Supply Chain." The Roundtable is an effort to engage professionals involved in bringing sustainability and corporate responsibility to their businesses, and especially engage those who may be questioning their commitments to sustainability due to these tough economic… read more →

There will be blood

The tragic oil well blowout and subsequent ongoing spill off the Louisiana coast has me depressed and angry. But not at BP, no. And I'm not going to take up the banner to ban offshore oil and gas exploration either. I see this disaster as a natural consequence of my own behavior, and that of all my friends, neighbors and… read more →

A history of global warming

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at the 6th annual Poe Symposium at Cal State University - Channel Islands in Camarillo, CA. The symposium brought together a impressive line up of experts who discussed climate change from the perspective of policy, history, science and business. Because CSUCI is such a cutting edge campus they recorded the whole event and… read more →

Bursting in Bhutan

I’m going to bet you’ve never heard of a GLOF. I hadn’t, until last week, when I was introduced to the idea of Glacial Lake Outburst Floods, a direct impact of climate change in the Himalayas, and specifically in the tiny kingdom of Bhutan. If you’ve heard of Bhutan, it’s probably because the country measures the health of its society… read more →

Obituaries aside, the climate bill still lives

Ever since President Obama took office 15 months ago and said that federal energy and climate legislation would be one of his top domestic priorities, we have seen a steady stream of political obituaries written about such bills. Many of these stories have a kernel of truth: our nation faces complex challenges in any transition from our fossil fuel economy… read more →

Are paper towels or sponges more efficient?

Skepticism about claims of greater efficiency or lower energy use are healthy, but Catherine Mohr (as she acknowledges) may be trying a bit too hard to make the right choices when it comes to building her home: OCD jokes aside, it's a really important exercise to examine the assumptions we often make about how sustainable or environmentally friendly a given… read more →

Obama to expand offshore oil drilling

A few days ago President Obama announced plans to open up large areas of the Eastern seaboard and the Gulf of Mexico to exploration for oil and natural gas production. My initial reaction was strongly negative. Why elect a Democratic president if he's going to tow the Republican line? Upon further reflection - and a significant cool down period -… read more →

Check your sprinklers. Please!

I walk my dogs at night, and twice this week we've discovered troubling new additions to our neighborhood landscaping. It starts when I hear an unusual sound, an undercurrent loud enough to penetrate my podcast-filled earphones. When I pause, my dogs get curious and hunt it down. It's a pleasant sound actually, a spilling, gurgling sound. Has someone installed a… read more →

TerraPass: Best of Green!

  • April 12, 2010
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I'm pleased to report that TerraPass has been named Best Carbon Offset Provider by the good folks at Treehugger. Now in its second incarnation, Treehugger's Best of Green awards honor a wide variety of people, companies, places, even endangered species. They're impressed by TerraPass' transparency, and we thank them for noticing! As I browsed the other Best-of-Green honorees, I discovered… read more →

New bike time

I should have bought a used bike. I know that, I do. There’s no reason to go out and buy something new when something used would have worked just fine. Other than the fact that my old ride was stolen week before last, and has probably been sold since. How’s that for a dilemma - add to the demand for… read more →
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