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Why we love trees

The first Arbor Day, the tree planters' holiday, was held in Nebraska in 1872, where a member of the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture proposed that a day be set aside annually for tree planting. It was a huge success -- over one million trees were planted in a single day. Shortly after this first observance, other states passed legislation… read more →

Whoa mama!

This Mother’s Day, I’m not going to jump on the bandwagon of eco-friendly products. By all means, please (as always) consider the environmental impact of your gifts or check out these great gift ideas from Huffington Post, Treehugger, and Grist. But if I have to read another blog post about how flowers are destroying the planet, I’ll just get depressed.… read more →

Farm of the future

The Native American tribes that hunted the plains between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains for most of the last millennium are often held up as models of wastelessness (a word I just invented) for, among other things, their innovation in using virtually every part of the animal. Those of us who saw Dances with Wolves will recall how… read more →

The guilty pleasure of reading

When I was a little girl, I read a stack of Berenstein Bears books every morning before I would do anything else -- and this was before I could officially “read.” This love of reading has persisted throughout my life. I almost always have a book with me nowadays, as my TerraPass colleagues can attest. Unfortunately, the business of publishing… read more →

Eco-friendly house-in-a-box

I guess good things don’t always come in small packages. It’s all the rage these days and it comes in - and out - of a box, delivered neatly to your doorstep. Well, technically, it gets delivered to your plot of land since you wouldn’t have a door yet. I’m talking about prefabricated houses, specifically the subspecies designed to use… read more →

No, we can’t predict the weather

One of my favorite global warming denier talking points is that “you can’t predict the weather!” OK, yes, it’s true: long-term weather forecasting is basically impossible because of sensitive dependence on initial conditions, aka the Butterfly Effect. To summarize the problem, (though you should really read James Gleick’s 1988 masterpiece Chaos: Making a New Science) in the 1950’s, a former… read more →

2012, already?

Though I should have seen it coming, I was still a bit taken aback when the first fundraising appeal hit my inbox last week after President Obama announced (to no one's surprise) that he would be running for re-election in 2012. So soon, I thought? As you may have heard, the President's team will attempt to raise a billion dollars… read more →

Racing for green journalism

I'm running the Boston Marathon on Monday April 18, just a few days before Earth Day on April 22. I've done my training, bought my offsets to balance out the flight to Boston, and decided that it would be fitting to support a good cause with my efforts. Rather than focus on the usual health-related causes, noble though they may… read more →

And the Best of Green award goes to…

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Us! Again! We are thrilled, tickled pink (or green?), and thankful to the editors of TreeHugger for awarding TerraPass the “Best Carbon Offset Provider” again for 2011 (we were also the recipients of this award in 2010). We are humbled by this accolade and are also deeply appreciative of TreeHugger’s emphasis on our organizational transparency. This is something we are… read more →

Do you Love the Earth?

  • April 5, 2011
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There are only 15 days left to join our “Love the Earth” campaign. With every purchase of carbon offsets, TerraPass will contribute an additional 1,000 lbs of offsets from our portfolio of projects. Why are we doing this? Well, besides wanting to show our appreciation to you (and we can’t think of a better way than to increase the impact… read more →
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