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As the world turns

You can blame ample Facebook procrastination time for this latest discovery of mine (actually, I feel a bit late to the game - according to a quick Google search, this site has been around for at least 4 years now). As you may have heard, world population surpassed the 7 billion mark last month (though this contrasts with other projections,… read more →

MOM’s Organic announces TerraPass Your Gas initiative

If we dare say so, it’s the most brilliant marketing slogan that we didn’t come up with. TerraPass Your Gas through offsets with TerraPass! We are proud to partner with MOM’s Organic Market, a homegrown organic grocer in the DC/Baltimore region. Beginning this week, MOM’s will ask their customers for their zip code info in order to estimate mileage driven… read more →

A tale of two cars

Truism: Cars are expensive. Expensive to buy, expensive to fuel, expensive to maintain. Since we all know this, (hence it being a truism), some data I recently came across caught me by surprise. And made we wonder whether I have been misjudging the actual cost of my driving choices. Here’s the scoop, and I begin with a confession. I own… read more →

The sweetest, greenest spot on the planet

We’ve always thought that San Francisco is a pretty sweet spot to be - it’s biker-friendly, you’re ostracized for using paper cups (oh wait... maybe that’s just within the TerraPass office), and green compost bins are more prevalent than trees (I joke, we have a lot of trees). We weren’t being totally egotistical; others thought so too. And now, the… read more →

A new home energy gadget: the sexy smart thermostat

I’m interested to know what TerraPass Footprint readers have to say about the Nest thermostat that has been consuming the tech blogosphere the last few weeks. Created by the brains fomerly behind the iPod, the $249 device will be able to sense the habits of the household and program itself to function accordingly. You leave the house at 9am? After… read more →

Trick-or-treat! (we prefer treat)

Happy Halloween! TODAY ONLY: we're offering a sweet deal! Get a FREE climate change chocolate bar when you offset your (or your mummy's) car for the year - 12,000 lbs of carbon offsets. Check out more details here, including an even sweeter deal for Prius drivers! For those of you looking to renew your TerraPasses... could you have asked for… read more →

To take or not to take free stuff?

I spent the earlier part of last week attending a conference for university sustainability officers. The annual AASHE (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education) conference attracts over 2,000 people, a mid-sized gathering. Like many other conferences, AASHE has an “Expo” - a place for sponsors to showcase their products. This year, as I came back from it,… read more →

Social media to the home energy rescue

You may remember earlier this summer when Google, Microsoft, and Cisco all dissolved their home energy management offerings. While those were hardly the only options in the market (there are several VC-backed companies that provide similar services), the big-name players made a quite a splash in the media blogosphere. But now it seems that Facebook will be stepping in, and… read more →

News announcement from TerraPass

Just in time for the creation of California’s regulatory cap-and-trade market, TerraPass and Bank of America Merrill Lynch announced a partnership last week which marks an important milestone for TerraPass. Under our partnership, TerraPass will source and deliver verified farm-based carbon offsets over the next 9 years which Bank of America Merrill Lynch has the option to purchase. Unlike offset… read more →

Finally, a breath of fresh air for California cap-and-trade

If all goes according to plan, something rather amazing will happen this Thursday. The California Air Resources Board is set to consider, and probably adopt in final form, a market-based greenhouse gas emission control regulation. I wish this weren’t such an accomplishment. I wish I were not amazed. After all, market-based environmental controls have been in place in California since… read more →
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