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At the Forefront of Change on Earth Day.

Earth Day began in 1970 and is now the largest celebrated environmental movement worldwide. It is meant to increase the awareness of important climate change facts and inspire people to take action.  Terrapass shares tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint. The Birth of Earth Day There is an ongoing debate on who started Earth Day: John McConnell or… read more →

Strategic Partnership Aims To Lower the Carbon Footprint Of Conferences and Events across the Country

The TerraPass Event Carbon Calculator Expands MeetGreen’s Online Tools For Carbon Emission Reduction Houston, Texas; March 26, 2015: TerraPass, innovator in environmental impact reduction for both individuals and businesses, is excited to announce that it has joined forces with MeetGreen to help lower the carbon footprint of both large and small conferences and events across the country.  MeetGreen, a leader in… read more →

Beer vs. Whiskey: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Have you ever wondered how your favorite drink impacts the environment? In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we took a look at two of our favorites: beer and whiskey. It turns out that whiskey is our winner on a per-drink basis, but order a double and the race gets tight. Most of the carbon footprint comes from the brewing and… read more →

Are winter sports in your future?

Imagine a ski trip where your skis run over rocks instead of fresh powder, or going to your favorite pond for ice skating or ice fishing only to find the ice brittle and not thick enough to support you or your ice shanty.  A winter like this would be disappointing, and yet in some places it is already happening. If… read more →

TerraPass Launches Innovative Sustainability Program With The City Of Palo Alto

PaloAltoGreen Gas is the First Green‐e Climate Certified Natural Gas Offset Program Offered by a Municipal Utility January 26, 2015 (Berkley, CA) TerraPass, a leading supplier of carbon offsets and emission reduction solutions, is pleased to announce its three-year partnership with the City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) to launch and maintain its new PaloAltoGreen Gas program. It is the… read more →

TerraPass Teams Up With College Football Playoff At The First-Ever National Championship Game

Together They Tackle Carbon Emissions to Reduce the Game’s Environmental Impact Houston, TX – January 9, 2015 - TerraPass is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the College Football Playoff (CFP) to mitigate and reduce the emissions associated with the first-ever College Football Playoff National Championship, hosted at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas on Monday, January 12,… read more →

Happy New Year from TerraPass

Happy New Year from TerraPass
What's your goal for 2015? Here at TerraPass, we resolve to restore the balance by working hard to give you the tools you need to understand, measure and reduce your environmental impact. Look out for more This vs. That infographics, expanded product offerings so you can purchase with one click, and even a new website look in time for Earth… read more →

Conferences and Carbon: The Impact Behind the Event

Originally published on TriplePundit as part of a TerraPass sponsored series on Carbon Offseting By Kristi Kaiser Conferences and events are an integral part of getting business done in today’s world. Even with technologies that make virtual meetings possible — and there are many options for that — there’s still something to be said for getting together for a good, old-fashioned face-to-face event… read more →

Sustainability at 35,000 Feet: A Look at Business Aviation and Climate Change

Originally published on TriplePundit as part of a TerraPass sponsored series on Carbon Offsetting When Detroit’s Big Three automakers flew their corporate jets to Washington, D.C. in 2008, to plead Congress for a $25 billion bailout, those airplanes conveyed not just their contrite passengers but also a public image of corporate aviation as an excessive luxury — how the “one percent” get around… read more →
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