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Energy Tip# 17: wash and rinse in cold water

Congratulations to TerraPass tip readers who earned some coverage this week in Time magazine. How do you easily save 1% on national CO2 emissions as well as over $3 billion in energy costs? According to some studies, this could happen if we all simply wash our clothes in cold water. Most of us are unaware of the full extent of… read more →

More on technology leapfrogging: using LEDs to light up the developing world

The MightyLight is waterproof, portable, and solar-powered. Just after writing my previous post on the Indian wind turbine manufacturer Suzlon, I noticed that the Economist also recently ran a series of articles on the topic of technology leapfrogging (subscription required) that touch on the consumption, rather than the production, side of the energy equation. Leapfrogging describes the sudden progress of… read more →


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