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It’s true: Free is good

I moved recently, a relatively painless experience that was made all the smoother by the magic of Freecycle. Yahoo! is presently plugging Freecycle with some free giveaways as part of an Earth Day promotion, so if you haven't yet been introduced to this scrappy online community, now might be a good time to sign up. Freecycle is not much more… read more →

Broken resolution

The William Morris "Anemone" water bottle When TreeHugger reposted some of our TerraPass New Year's Resolutions the author snarked an "about time" to my commitment to avoid bottled water for the year. To the casual reader, I might have come across as an Evian addict who couldn't so much as look at a faucet. But honestly, I'm really the opposite,… read more →


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