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Geothermal power for your home

Malcolm Gladwell tells us that geothermal energy isn't as exotic as we think. His own father recently started using geothermal energy to heat and cool his home. The conversion allowed him to throw away his old oil-fueled furnace -- despite living in chilly Ontario. Like Gladwell, I had assumed that geothermal was useful only in unusual circumstances. Say, if you… read more →

Announcing TerraPass Rx to balance out your prescription medication

On the heels of this Wharton paper exploring the link between human longevity and environmental degradation, TerraPass is launching several new products to help you balance out the twin scourges of increased lifespan and improved human health. The first is TerraPass Rx, a handy way to neutralize the effects of your prescription meds. Using Lipitor to selfishly keep those LDLs… read more →