Lose 25 lbs a week!

Who wants to be stuck in traffic when the weather is good? Ditch the car one day each week for this challenge and discover a new way to get to work. Need a little extra inspiration? Check out the episode of Top Gear where the presenters race across London during rush hour using different modes of transportation, and guess who comes in last.

Getting Started

  1. Invite your coworkers to participate! Plan to walk, bike, or use public transportation or carpool one day per week.
  2. If public transport isn’t an option for you, and walking is just too far (e.g. a cross-city commute totalling more than an hour), then consider buying or renting a bicycle. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much faster you can get to work during morning rush hour as you speed past car commuters.
  3. If you do choose to ride a bike make sure you follow basic bike safety rules. Here are a few tips from the NYC DOT.
  4. If you need a car for your commute, look into carpooling. Check out this resource for a list of ride sharing opportunities in your area.




According to the Department of Transportation National Household Travel Survey the average commute is 12.2 miles each way of 24.4 miles each day.

Using the EPA assumptions of:  20 mpg, 12,000 miles a year and 0.46 kg CO2/mile driven

24.4 miles per day * (.46 kg CO2/mile * 2.2 (conversion rate for kg to lb)= 24.73 lbs per day