Lose 14 lbs per week!

Let’s talk about garbage: Did you know that 30% of the waste in our landfills come from containers and packaging, and that the average American office worker uses 500 disposable cups each year. Even more interesting is that landfills are the 3rd largest anthopogenic methane (a GHG that is 20 times more effective in trapping heat in the atmosphere) source in the United State.

We know this is a hard one, but we are excited to share what we are and hear from you about reducing your landfill waste.

Getting Started

  1. Going Zero Waste means diverting waste from a landfill. Reuse, recycling and composting all divert waste from the landfill.
  2. If your city does not offer recycling or composting services, many stores offer in store recycling. TerraPass partner Mom’s Organic Market takes a variety of household items. Likewise, many Whole Foods Markets offer a community recycling program.
  3. Check out these clever, plastic-free and low-tech ways to store fresh fruits and vegetables. If you don’t already, get used to bringing reusable bags of all different sizes with you to the farmers’ market. Ask for your meats and cheeses to be packaged in recyclable or compostable paper when you’re at the deli counter. Even better, bring your own reusable containers with you.
  4. Make summery drinks like lemonade at home. Mason jars are reusable, cheap, and a great way to bring your refreshing homemade drinks or meals with you to work, a picnic, or any other outdoor adventures.
  5. About 6% of the world-wide oil consumption is used for the production of plastic (with increasing tendency).
  6. Order draft beer and fountain drinks instead of bottles in bars and restaurants.  These choices will help reduce the carbon footprint associated with shipping heavy bottles and cans, along with the added packaging required to keep secure.
  7. Read about Lindsey’s journey to become a Zero Waste family, and how she makes it work.
  8. Avoid Cartons. Many beverage cartons are now coated with PET plastic, making them unrecyclable. The petroleum-based plastic coating produces a high carbon footprint, unlike the naturally biodegradable beeswax of the past.




According to the EPA in 2010 107.8 Tg of CO2e was released by landfills.

The average American generates 4.3lbs of trash every day, and 1.4 pounds are recycled, meaning each person send 2.9 lbs to the landfill each day or 1,058 lbs a year.

(107800000 mT CO2e from landfills* 1mT / 2204.6lbs) /(308,745,538 2010 population * 1058lbs trash) = (773lbs CO2e from landfill per person/year)/ (52 weeks) = 14lbs week/person.