Lose 20Lbs a week.

Did you know that most of the energy you use to wash your laundry goes into heating the water. Line drying offers even more savings.

Getting Started

  1. Air-drying laundry can extend the life of your clothes, towels and bedding, and prevent pilling. Added bonus: By air drying on the lawn, whites become even brighter; the chlorophyll will act as a natural bleaching agent, and can act as a replacement for traditional bleach.
  2. Towels too crunchy when line dried? Pop them in the dryer for 3-5 minutes after line drying to make them fluffier and more absorbent.
  3. Washing only full loads of laundry can also save energy. When washing with cold water, you can mix various colors together since hot water is the primary cause of color bleed. Just be sure not to add any new and brightly colored items in with your whites, and you’re good to go!




According to Energy Star the average family does 392 loads per year, or around 8 loads per week.

The average home clothes dryer has a carbon footprint of approximately 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds) of CO2 per load of laundry dried

Doing the wash in cooler water — 86 degrees Fahrenheit instead of 104 degrees — will shave the carbon footprint of each load by 0.3 pounds.

Line dry 4 loads * 4.4lbs = 17.6 lbs

Wash 8 loads in cold water * .3 lbs = 2.4 lbs