Power of wind

This ad isn’t new, but it is funny, and it just won a fancy prize at Cannes, which is all the excuse I need to link to it here. Watch below, or check out the high-res version.

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  1. David Foster - May 28, 2008

    That was a really good ad!!!!
    David Foster

  2. David Manning - May 28, 2008

    If that can’t sell wind energy to the masses, nothing can! Great job. Blew me away.

  3. suzettequerae - May 29, 2008

    das good

  4. Ralph - May 31, 2008

    Nice ad.
    Made me pause and think about its human message: every person can find their place in this hard old world; every person can make a positive contribution; be like the person reading the newspaper, by helping every one find their true potential.
    Congratulations to the ad makers and thank you for sharing it.