Tesla electric roadster launches

tesla.jpg SONY Pictures may now have to plan a sequel to this summer’s movie Who Killed the Electric Car? (see previous review). Tesla Motors launched their electric roadster in Santa Monica this week. The Roadster tops out at 130 mph and beats the pants of most sports cars by reaching 0-60mph in about 4 seconds.

The cool kids at AutoBlogGreen have the full story, including tons of pics and a test ride review.

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  1. Jim Davis - July 26, 2006

    The tesla car article would have been facinating, but like most of your postings the font was so #@&*^ small that I can not read it even with a magnifying glass! what’s up with that and can it be fixed?

  2. Tom - July 26, 2006

    This problem seems to be occurring for people who use Internet Explorer as their web browser and have the text size set to “smallest”. To fix, select the “View” menu, then the “Text size” menu. Set the text size to “Medium”.

  3. Alik Segal - July 26, 2006

    To increase the font in Microsoft Internet Explorer open the View menu and select option Text Size. Or, for greater convenience, use Mozilla Firefox and hit Ctrl-+ (hold down the Ctrl key and hit the +/= key, which is to the right of the 0 key).

  4. A.J. - July 26, 2006

    You can increase the font size in Apple’s Safari browser by simultaneously pressing the Command key and the + key. (Or go to View > Make Text Bigger.)

  5. Anonymous - July 26, 2006

    How can I find out when this movie will be showing in my area? I’m in the 31907 zip code! I saw the preview at the movie theater, but so far, no movie advertised.

  6. pradwastes - July 26, 2006

    It is a shame that movies like this never go past limited release. Some day soon there be a DVD

    Electric cars are much good for long-haul trips because of the long recharge required. That doesn’t mean they are not useful and fun.

  7. Glenda Spillman - May 29, 2007

    If only the goverment, oil companies and car manufactures would look after “us” the people instead of keeping us tied to the old “oil” products and their pocket books.
    I realize that they are only making the bucks while we have leadership who will allow these high prices we are paying at the pump.
    If the EV1 or simular type of electric vehicles would be offered to the public, it would be great for us and our UNITED STATES.

  8. Angelice - September 26, 2007

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