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Do energy-efficient electronics reduce energy use, really?

Do energy-efficient electronics reduce energy use, really?
By Erin Craig A colleague lamented recently that while she’s working hard to make her company’s data centers more energy efficient, the people who drive energy consumption within the company seem to be less inclined. This surprised me because at a company as large and respected as hers (they're on the S&P 500), I thought the energy managers would be… read more →

Zero waste is not zero waste emissions

Even if we divert or eliminate all new waste, landfills will emit greenhouse gas for decades. By Mark Mondik According to the EPA, U.S. landfills emit about 100 million metric tons of CO2-equivalent (or about 21 million cars) of greenhouse gas annually[1]. Thus it’s no surprise that measuring corporate waste emissions is the hottest thing to hit carbon accounting since… read more →

A tale of two cars

Truism: Cars are expensive. Expensive to buy, expensive to fuel, expensive to maintain. Since we all know this, (hence it being a truism), some data I recently came across caught me by surprise. And made we wonder whether I have been misjudging the actual cost of my driving choices. Here’s the scoop, and I begin with a confession. I own… read more →

Social media to the home energy rescue

You may remember earlier this summer when Google, Microsoft, and Cisco all dissolved their home energy management offerings. While those were hardly the only options in the market (there are several VC-backed companies that provide similar services), the big-name players made a quite a splash in the media blogosphere. But now it seems that Facebook will be stepping in, and… read more →

Telling it like it is… but differently

A study (.pdf) published in Climatic Change this summer didn’t seem to catch much attention from the climate blogging community (some exceptions here and here but certainly nowhere near the excitement of this week’s “Atlasgate”). Titled “Personality type differences between Ph.D. climate researchers and the general public: implications for effective communication,” the study at first seems to state the obvious:… read more →

Climate Reality Project launches tonight

Founder of the project, former Vice-President Gore, remarked earlier this year: It’s urgent to rendezvous with reality in order to take the appropriate steps to save the future of civilization as we know it. Tune in tonight (and throughout tomorrow) to The Climate Reality Project, where 24 speakers, one from each time zone, will showcase the effects of climate change… read more →

Sorry, we’re all full (at this landfill)

I found this piece in this week’s NYT to be cool and inspiring (what? we really like to read about trash). Singapore’s land scarcity — the city-state is smaller than Rhode Island — has led the government to develop innovative waste disposal techniques. Among them is an island off the southern part of the mainland that opened after Singapore’s last… read more →

Driving America in the right direction

I’ve commented before about a dilemma produced by fuel-efficient cars: they emit less per mile, but also make it less expensive to drive... creating a countervailing incentive to drive more than you might have in a gas guzzler. Therefore I was happy to discover that the University of Michigan has been tracking and amalgamating the greenhouse gas emissions effects of… read more →
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