Gift guide: gifts that save energy and money

A year ago people laughed at me when I suggested that they get energy-saving power strips as gifts. Now at least one of those friends tells me the whole family's getting one this year. In a year in which energy prices rocketed to all-time highs followed by a collapse of the economy, there's something very appropriate about gifts that help… read more →

Is everything off?

There's a lot written these days about the coming boom in home energy monitoring devices and systems. Eventually, we hope to see smart meters that dynamically adjust home energy use to conditions within the home and on the grid. Nobody in the room? Turn off the lights. Too much demand on the grid? Turn down the AC. But there's a… read more →

Lower your electricity bill…by keeping track of it

We've reviewed some of our favorite items from the TerraPass green store ourselves. But increasingly our readers are outdoing us. Tom Harrison published a review of the PowerCost Home Energy Monitor on his blog With Tom's permission, here are some highlights: The sensor attached to Tom's digital meter It also works with older mechanical meters The display includes cost-per-hour… read more →

It pulverizes! It crushes! It frappés!

In response to urgent reader inquiry about the ability of the hand-cranked blender to crush ice, we present Friday-afternoon margaritas, TerraPass-style: Tim gave it his best shot... With mixed results... But Peter got the job done... An unforeseen benefit of the hand-cranked blender: if you're too drunk to operate it, you know it's probably time to call it a night.… read more →

A blender that runs on milk and bananas

All products in the TerraPass store get tested by our staff. I was lucky enough to grab the Vortex hand crank blender as soon as it hit our shelves. I'll be honest. Before my review, I had low expectations. After testing, I was pleasantly surprised to find a well-made and intelligently designed hand-cranked blender that does a great job, and… read more →

Free GPS

An unexpected benefit of high energy prices? That GPS for your car could be free. Consider the case of my Dad, a daily car commuter (with a TerraPass of course -- thanks, Pops!). He installed the Garmin Nuvi 760 for Father's Day (retail $385) and immediately found the "shortest route" feature. The result? Two miles shaved off his commute. Turns… read more →

Reducing energy usage — Step #1: measure it

Pete: I can show you how to reduce your home electricity bill by up to 20% You: Yeah right. What do I need to do? Stop watching TV? Never turn on the A/C? Pete: Actually no. Just monitor your usage... and turn things off when they're not being used. You: Of course... but it's never so easy is it? Pete:… read more →

ScanGauge review

The ScanGauge can be installed many places with a Velcro kit. I chose the center of the dash, for easy access to the real time mpg data. I've always been jealous of the miles per gallon readings in friend's Prius, but my wife and I don't really drive enough to warrant a new car purchase. So I took a chance… read more →

Earth: The Sequel

Fred Krupp, president of Environmental Defense Fund, and Miriam Horn, journalist and staff member at EDF, have written a book about the wildcatters of the 21st century, the obsessives, diehards and visionaries who are trying to wring cheap and abundant energy out of the wind, waves, sun, and earth. Earth: The Sequel is a hopeful book. It's also a fun… read more →

More books and movies: the lighter side of green

I ignited a small-scale internal revolt last week when I suggested that Star Trek episodes didn't belong in our list of reading and viewing recommendations. So this week we follow up with some fun pop culture goodies that contain green themes.   Star Trek: The Next Generation Reviews by Erin Craig The several Star Trek series commonly featured light social… read more →
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