Do energy-efficient electronics reduce energy use, really?

Do energy-efficient electronics reduce energy use, really?
By Erin Craig A colleague lamented recently that while she’s working hard to make her company’s data centers more energy efficient, the people who drive energy consumption within the company seem to be less inclined. This surprised me because at a company as large and respected as hers (they're on the S&P 500), I thought the energy managers would be… read more →

A new home energy gadget: the sexy smart thermostat

  • November 2, 2011
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I’m interested to know what TerraPass Footprint readers have to say about the Nest thermostat that has been consuming the tech blogosphere the last few weeks. Created by the brains fomerly behind the iPod, the $249 device will be able to sense the habits of the household and program itself to function accordingly. You leave the house at 9am? After… read more →

The guilty pleasure of reading

When I was a little girl, I read a stack of Berenstein Bears books every morning before I would do anything else -- and this was before I could officially “read.” This love of reading has persisted throughout my life. I almost always have a book with me nowadays, as my TerraPass colleagues can attest. Unfortunately, the business of publishing… read more →

“Doubt is our product.”

I just finished reading Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway's exhaustively researched new book, ***Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming***, and must recommend this work to anybody interested in how science is communicated and debated in the public sphere. Oreskes and Conway are science historians, at UC-San… read more →

Gore’s hopeful new climate book

When Al Gore released his movie and book *An Inconvenient Truth* in 2006, he was praised for raising awareness about global warming. For those who wished he had included more information about solutions, the former vice president has responded forcefully with a new book, *Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis*. Published just weeks before UN climate talks… read more →

Book review: Green Metropolis

David Owen's book Green Metropolis, an expansion of his 2004 New Yorker article on the environmental benefits of cities, puts forth two propositions: first, that urban living is inherently more resource-efficient and therefore greener than suburban or rural living; and second, that environmentalism has historically been tainted with an anti-urban bias that prevents greens from fully embracing some of the… read more →

Fluorescent lights: one homeowner’s experience

A couple recent New York Times articles regarding the quality of compact fluorescent bulbs set off a firestorm of comments. The thrust of the most recent article was that, while CFLs can meet people's needs, meeting their expectations is tougher. CFLs in stores are of variable quality, and the incumbent technology sets a high bar: incandescent bulbs produce more flattering… read more →

Gift guide: last minute stocking fillers

**Chocolate -- $4.95** TerraPass worked with Bloomsberry & Co. to produce Climate Change Chocolate, a tasty 1.75oz of chocolate with 133lbs of carbon offsets bundled in: roughly equivalent to the average American's daily carbon footprint. **Gift certificates -- from $5.95** Still stuck for ideas? You can buy a TerraPass certificate in increments of $5.95. You'll get a certificate you can… read more →

Green gift guide: gifts for women

I still feel bad when I think about the year that my brother and I gave our mom a microwave for Christmas. Sure, it was the mid 80's, and sure, microwaves were the hot new time-saving appliance... but, well, it was an appliance. Not exactly a gift that makes a girl giddy when she unwraps it. Fortunately, the TerraPass store… read more →

A drink you can drop-kick

Like many TerraPassers, I stay away from bottled water and sodas. But until recently, I still bought small bottled soft drinks by the case for the one use I couldn't seem to shake: school lunches. My kids are in high school, and all these years we've never used paper bags for lunches. Our cupboard is filled with various models of… read more →
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