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Questions you should be asking yourself about carbon offsets

Following up on last week's questions you should be asking your carbon offset provider, this week I'll quote from the recent carbon offset study's questions for purchasers of carbon offsets. I.e., you. What steps have you taken to reduce your own emissions? If the opportunity to go carbon neutral by spending a few dollars online becomes an excuse to not… read more →

The blogospheric snit over Whole Foods’ wind power cards

We've watched with both amazement and a certain amount of there-but-for-the-grace-of-god relief as the tempest over Whole Foods' wind power cards blows across the blogosphere. The controversy in a nutshell: Whole Foods recently began test-marketing "wind power cards," which are basically renewable energy credits (RECs) in the form of a handy little plastic card available near the checkout line. The… read more →


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