Landfill Gas Capture

Project Details

Project type : Landfill gas capture
What they do : Gas from the garbage decomposing at the landfill is collected and converted into energy.
Where they are : Newark, Maryland
Portfolio Year : 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Standard : Climate Action Reserve (California Climate Action Registry)
Verifier : First Environment

About the Project

The Worcester County Central Landfill Facility (CLF) is a small municipal landfill located in Newark, MD and operated by the Worcester County Department of Public Works. The CLF is an active landfill and currently accepts degradable and non-degradable waste as well as material for a popular recycling program.

To conserve land and delay or prevent the need to open additional landfills, Worcester County has implemented a leachate recirculation system that applies leachate to waste cells in dry weather to speed decomposition of organic waste. With such a system, a cell which has reached final elevation can be re-opened in later years after decomposition of the organic waste. Non-degradable waste can also be recovered at that time and recycled as technologies allow.

The project’s objective is to route as much gas as possible to the generators, sending only overflow gas to the flare.

In the community

In addition to reduced emissions of volatile organic compounds from the landfill, this project helped the community by preventing odor in the surrounding areas and increasing the quantity of renewable electricity delivered to the grid.

The local economy has benefited, as well. The project used local contractors during construction and has already created at least one full-time job. The County of Worcester will receive royalty payments for the landfill gas.