Green Badge Partner

Green Badge Partner
Avantair has reduced over
1,000 metric tons of carbon emissions in the current year.

Carbon dioxide emissions, the principal cause of global warming, are an inevitable consequence of energy use. Every time an individual or organization uses electricity for lighting, fuel for transport, etc., additional carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere.

Avantair has partnered with TerraPass to sponsor clean energy and carbon reduction projects that result in a verified, measurable reduction in carbon emissions.

Avantair emissions reductions

2012: 807 metric tons of CO2 reduced

2011: 2462 metric tons of CO2 reduced

2010: 920 metric tons of CO2 reduced

2008: 390 metric tons of CO2 reduced

2007: 1435 metric tons of CO2 reduced

About Avantair

Avantair, Inc. is the industry leader of fractional aircraft ownership in the light jet cabin category and the first fractional in the industry to begin offsetting carbon emissions by purchasing Flight TerraPass for all new owners. Avantair is the exclusive provider of the Piaggio Avanti, which is the most efficient of all fractional aircraft.


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