Left-wingers conserve like this, right-wingers conserve like that…

In a Grist interview, Colin Beavan (aka No Impact Man) muses over the question of why some critics seem eager to cast his project as a poor alternative to political activism, rather than as a complementary step: > I didn’t realize it when I started the project, but part of the reason is this: collective action is at the root… read more →

Schwarzenegger Defends AB 32

Speaking on the third anniversary of the signing of California’s Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32) in San Francisco yesterday, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger gave a full-throated defense of the state’s landmark law that seeks to cut greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. He also directly responded to Meg Whitman, former eBay CEO and now a Republican candidate in… read more →

Carbon in the French style

France is getting ready to impose a $25-per-ton carbon tax on heating oil, gasoline, and natural gas. President Nicolas Sarkozy claims that the new fee is really a tax shift -- the money will be rebated to citizens or used to reduce other taxes -- although critics have called it a tax hike in disguise. France is in an interesting… read more →

G8 makes 2° commitment, misses the point

In early July at the Major Economies Forum in L'aquila, Italy, G8 leaders took a big step by publicly announcing a goal of limiting global warming to 2° C. Let us all acknowledge that it is a Big Deal that these countries -- the ones who created climate change to begin with -- are going to take steps to mitigate… read more →

Cash for clunkers: still looking pretty good

I'm not sure why it's so hard for people to admit that the Cash for Clunkers program basically worked. I mean, I know it seems like the ultimate boondoggle: let's pay people to buy new cars! And let's layer over some fairly lame mileage requirements to give the program a green patina! I myself was somewhat skeptical (although certainly not… read more →

Climate ads running on TV

Television advertising may be pivotal in the coming debate about climate legislation in the U.S. Senate. Analysts believe that 20-25 senators may still be undecided on how they will vote on an energy/climate bill later this year. That leaves room for TV ads like this one from Clean Energy Works, a coalition of environmental and labor organizations, to make a… read more →

California proposes auction to boost solar energy

California has proposed setting up an open bidding process for mid-size solar projects. Under the scheme, utilities would rank bids by price and accept all of the cheapest proposals that their budgets allow. The auction would be repeated twice a year, with the eventual goal of bringing an additional 1,000 megawatts of solar capacity online. The scheme is somewhat reminiscent… read more →

Friday video fun

David Roberts brings the funny in his quest for "songs that express environmental concern and don't suck." It's a quest that largely fails, unless "slightly better white-boy rapping" about methane capture counts as success. The TerraPass office represents 75% of the global fan base for manure digester anthems, and even we can't get behind this song. David gives top honors… read more →

Cash for Clunkers is a hit. But does it work?

The unexpected popularity of the cash-for-clunkers program has sent congress scrambling to find more funding. About 250,000 people have taken advantage of the incentives to trade older cars for ones with better fuel efficiency, burning through the first billion dollars in about a week. The price tag of the program has given politicians something to argue about, but I'm interested… read more →

“Eek! Markets! Wall Street! Bad!”

Paul Krugman digs into an issue that deserves more attention: will Goldman Sachs' use of derivatives to manipulate the carbon markets inevitably cause the sun to explode, blotting out all life on earth? Actually, he digs into the fearmongering surrounding cap-and-trade, and lays out some of the many reasons concerns about carbon market manipulation is overblown. This has been an… read more →
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