Obama starts to look like a climate peacemaker

President Obama’s personal engagement in the UN climate talks in Copenhagen last week, and his success at securing a significant if imperfect agreement among the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitters, may have put him on a path to realize the promise expected of him when he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. In 15 hours of high stakes diplomacy, the… read more →

From the mouth of James Hansen

I went to a talk last night by NASA scientists James Hansen. Sure was depressing.* You probably know Hansen as an outspoken climate scientist, developer of one of the earliest accurate climate models, and one of the first experts to testify before the U.S. Congress -- in 1988 -- about the dangers of CO2 emissions. You may also know Hansen… read more →

Meet the Wall Street climate change lobby

This is timely. The Center for Public Integrity -- the group behind the lobbying figures I recently summarized -- has sponsored a series of "meet the lobbyists" investigative pieces, and they just ran one on the emissions trading industry. A couple of passages jumped out at me: > The traders are still an emerging force. "It's a bit premature to… read more →

The conspiracy behind the climate change bill — revealed!

Among the odder aspects of Annie Leonard's conspiracy theory about the influence of Wall Street over climate legislation is the fact that we already know perfectly well who is exerting influence over climate change legislation. There's no mystery, no surprise. What's the phrase that conveys the opposite of a conspiracy? Because that's what we have here: the usual suspects, operating… read more →

Live from Copenhagen

Making sense of the UN climate talks – even when you’re in Copenhagen with an access badge – is no easy task. The bustling clamor of 15,000 negotiators, policy experts, business leaders, and environmental activists in the Bella Center can leave experienced observers still searching for clarity. But after nearly a week of watching, listening, and asking questions, I’m hopeful… read more →

Why does Annie Leonard hate the environment?

Annie Leonard, creator of the anti-consumerist video The Story of Stuff, has now offered up The Story of Cap and Trade, a video purporting to debunk legislation representing the best hope we have of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The video has already provoked some excellent commentary elsewhere, so I'll try to limit myself to a few big-picture thoughts in response… read more →

The climate change debate, live

Early last week, while in Toronto, I happened into a ticket to one of the Munk Debates . This series, sponsored by Canadian businessman Peter Munk and organized by a local Toronto thinker, Rudyard Griffiths, aims to explore the looming challenges of our day with good old fashioned debates. They’ve got a high reputation, so I perked up when I… read more →

California sends a message to Washington and Copenhagen

California’s Air Resources Board (CARB) released draft cap-and-trade regulations (pdf) last week, which will be a central part of the state’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. The agency’s proposal is a timely reminder to senators in Washington and negotiators at the upcoming climate talks in Copenhagen that ambitious, cost-effective emission reductions are within reach.… read more →

Dutch cabinet approves mileage tax

The Dutch cabinet has approved a plan for a GPS-based driving tax, to be set at an average of $0.07 per mile in 2012, rising over time. Motorists will be charged more for driving on heavily congested roads or at peak times. The proposal still requires parliamentary approval. When I've written about mileage taxes in the past, I've been reliably… read more →

What’s that you say? Kyoto is working?

At Worldchanging, Eric de Place takes a look at the success of the European cap-and-trade system in reducing emissions: > The EU's cap-and-trade program was, indeed, highly imperfect. It relied on inaccurate estimates of emissions, it distributed too many carbon permits, and it distributed permits in a way that conferred windfall profits on polluters. But here's the kicker: it *still*… read more →
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