Opponents of California’s climate law face challenges

Backers of a voter initiative that would suspend California’s landmark climate law (AB 32) have delayed the launch of their signature-gathering campaign, raising questions about whether their proposal will qualify for the state ballot in November. The promoters of the ballot measure – Republican Assemblyman Dan Logue, Congressman Tom McClintock (R-CA), and taxpayer association director Ted Costa – also face… read more →

Climate legislation: not dead yet

You'd think from the following quotes that comprehensive climate and energy policy in the Senate is dead as a doornail: > "I don't think that the House bill that passed will even be considered this year in the Senate." And: > "There is so much on the plates of politicians and regulators in the United States it is hard for… read more →

Repeat after me

In a former life I was a journalist for a national radio news program. Stories about the environment were always difficult to put on air. Whether the topic was rainforests, pollution, ozone, endangered species or one of so many other things that falls to the Environment Desk, we always struggled to make it sound interesting and relevant. The truth is,… read more →

Climate progress under attack

The people who feel that the climate change legislation working its way through congress isn't sufficiently awesome to merit their support sometimes contend that no progress would be preferable to incremental progress. If we just hold out, a much better bill is surely just around the bend. What folks rarely seem to consider is that there's another possibility: rapid backsliding.… read more →

The facts of cap and trade

Environmental Defense Fund has put together a video rejoinder to Annie Leonard's Story of Cap and Trade. It's called The Facts of Cap and Trade, and it's very nicely done: Like Annie Leonard's video, it offers a compressed, simplified take on a complex topic. Unlike Leonard's video, it manages to build a case out of more than just disconnected innuendo.… read more →

UK aims for 25% of electricity from offshore wind by 2020

The UK government recently issued licenses for a staggering amount of offshore wind capacity: > While the Round 3 project to build 29 gigawatts (GW) by 2020 is a challenge equivalent to building eight Channel Tunnels in 10 years and requires a step-change in technology, it is achievable, Benj Sykes, Senior Technology Acceleration Manager, told reporters... > It would require… read more →

Cap-and-trade could send $1,000 per year to California families

If climate change legislation fails in the senate -- an increasingly likely proposition -- focus will shift back to regional initiatives. The most far-reaching of these efforts is California's cap-and-trade program, which begins in 2012. An advisory committee charged with making recommendations regarding the design of California's emissions trading system recently proposed that most of the cash raised from the… read more →

New threat to California’s climate law

The most far-reaching climate law in the country faces a new threat from a ballot measure that Californians may vote on in November. Long-time foes of environmental regulation have banded together with anti-tax activists to try to stop the state’s Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32) before it takes effect in 2012. Advocates for the ballot measure are seeking to… read more →

Looking back, looking forward: 2009

In last year's retrospective, I wrote of the lags and leaps that characterize progress on climate change. It's perhaps indicative of the knife's edge precariousness of the current political situation that I'm not really sure whether 2009 counts as a lag or a leap. On the leap side: the U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill capping carbon emissions… read more →
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