No on Proposition 23

It’s been fascinating to watch the way the national media has picked up on the threat of Proposition 23, on the ballot in California next month. For those not familiar with the proposition, it’s a ballot initiative that proposes to suspend California’s landmark greenhouse gas reduction legislation, AB32, until unemployment in the state hits 5.5% or lower for four consecutive… read more →

Climate bill officially dead

The climate bill is officially dead in the Senate, and I'm still wading through the numerous eulogies to figure out how I feel about that fact. I'm not surprised, even though we've recently used these pages to buffer ourselves with hopes that something could work out. But I am extremely disappointed. I think Dave Roberts has the best angle when… read more →

EPA analysis of Kerry-Lieberman released

The EPA released its analysis of the Kerry-Lieberman bill - aka the American Power Act - earlier this week and the results are in: this bill, much like the ACES legislation already passed by the House, will have a nonexistent to negligible effect on the longterm prosperity of the USA. Detailed analysis here(pdf), and bullet-pointed summary by Dave Roberts over… read more →

What can you do about it?

TerraPass members are a vocal group, with our past surveys showing that about half of our members have contacted their government on environmental issues. Recently, I spent some time with some friends who work in environmental NGO circles, and we got to talking about the most effective ways for regular constituents to get attention from their elected representatives. After all,… read more →

Obituaries aside, the climate bill still lives

Ever since President Obama took office 15 months ago and said that federal energy and climate legislation would be one of his top domestic priorities, we have seen a steady stream of political obituaries written about such bills. Many of these stories have a kernel of truth: our nation faces complex challenges in any transition from our fossil fuel economy… read more →

Obama to expand offshore oil drilling

A few days ago President Obama announced plans to open up large areas of the Eastern seaboard and the Gulf of Mexico to exploration for oil and natural gas production. My initial reaction was strongly negative. Why elect a Democratic president if he's going to tow the Republican line? Upon further reflection - and a significant cool down period -… read more →

Battle over California’s climate law heats up

What was speculation for months is now confirmed: Texas-based oil companies are the principal funders of a state ballot initiative that would suspend California’s Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32). Reports(pdf) filed last week with the Secretary of State reveal that Valero Services Inc. ($500,000), Tesoro Co. ($100,000) -- both of San Antonio, TX -- and several other oil companies… read more →

Plan B for cap and trade

David Roberts has a good one: > Sens. John Kerry (D-Mass.), Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) appear set to introduce a draft of their new climate/energy legislation this week. Graham says they are trying to hash out a moderate bill that can draw broad public support and pick up a few Republican votes. > Now, as it happens,… read more →

How Bill Gates can end climate change

In response to Bill Gates recent speech calling climate change the most urgent threat to humankind, I somewhat sourly wrote: "The fate of the planet continues to reside in the entirely dysfunctional U.S. Senate, and not even the world's richest man can change that fact." But of course that's not even remotely true. As the world's richest man, Bill Gates… read more →

Bill Gates says we need to get to zero emissions

Bill Gates, world's most successful businessman, has been highlighting the danger of climate change and the need for an energy transformation, earning some praise from environmentalists -- and a surprising amount of backlash. Gates recently gave a TED talk in which he pushed a vision of a world in which population and wealth have increased, even as carbon emissions drop… read more →
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