Outcrazy the crazy

More Thanksgiving lazyblogging. First up, Al Gore on Saturday Night Live, promising to outcrazy the crazy:

The main problem with this clip is that it’s not particularly funny. Not hugely unfunny, but nothing too spectacular. This one from 30 Rock is better:

Al Gore pulls this stuff off surprisingly well. More green-themed 30 Rock clips here.

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  1. Bill - November 25, 2009

    Too bad it is not available in Canada – would like to see the clips

  2. Adam Stein - November 25, 2009

    Does this work for SNL?
    This isn’t the same 30 Rock clip, but it seems to be an outtake from the same episode:

  3. Feng Wang - November 25, 2009

    There are lots of funny ways to express your attitude on those massive debt, but the way like you guys did here is somehow unwise, I mean especially the second half part of the video. In a view of Chinese, this is rather an insult than a joke. Maybe this is the ordinary way of American humor, but it in fact stirs up our rage. It only cultivates the hatred between two peoples. Remember, fissure accumulated bit by bit! As a public media, you certainly cannot behave like an individual.