Gas tax petition hits 2,000 signatures

That’s more 1,000 per day — not too shabby. We delivered the first batch of signatures to Senators Clinton and McCain last night. Let’s keep it going.

If you haven’t yet signed, please do so.

If you have signed, share the petition with friends, Digg it, stumble upon it, etc.

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  1. Donald Collis - May 15, 2008

    Gas prices are high yes but the real question is why do we as Americans let our government as well as Car Companies dictate policies to what kind of cars we can run. Back in 1995 the car companies was forced by the California Air Resource Board to Produce Zero Emmitions cars in order to sell the gas guzzling counterparts, GM in response produced the EV1 (electric Vehicle one). theses case use NO GAS AND REQUIRED ALMOST NO MAINTENANCE!!! So like most great things the car manufactures sued C.A.R.B.
    Check our the Movie Who Killed The Electric Car and get Educated. Beeter yet ill show you what was said
    I dont know if this forum will let me attack a you tube video so if it doesn’t here is the page address

  2. Sarah - May 21, 2008

    Thanks so much for starting this petition. I’m really proud of my candidate, Barack, for seeing this repeal for what it is — a short-term, no-win pandering piece designed to win votes, not fight oil dependence or climate change. I promoted the petition on my eco-travel blog: