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Do I hear $500? How about $600?

Here's a fun one: California state legislator Jim Battin has submitted a bill that would allow purchasers of carbon offsets to ride in the carpool lane. No environmentalist, Battin just wants to be able to drive his Lincoln Aviator (14 mpg) "guilt-free in the empty diamond lane." Meanwhile, Desmog Blog grumbles over Washington State's proposal for new road tolls. The… read more →

Climate policy action: it’s happening in California

As Americans voted in presidential primaries across the country today, few voters made their decisions based on the candidates' positions on global warming. That's because the leading candidates (McCain, Clinton, and Obama) all support a nationwide cap on greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). Only Romney is against a cap and his chances of winning are slim. Whoever ends up in the… read more →


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