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Aerial Filmworks provides gyro-stabilized Cineflex Elite and Cineflex Ultra aerial camera systems to advertising, feature film, documentary and corporate video production companies. Our team is passionately committed to make every production more earth-friendly. Aerial Filmworks is investing in Carbon Offset credits for every hour that a helicopter is in the air with our camera equipment. In addition, Aerial Filmworks pro-actively films beautiful aerial stock footage so that clients have the option of using stock footage as an alternative to additional helicopter flights. For more information, contact Aerial Filmworks (

Offets and RECs:


Metric tons purchased: 345 mT


Metric tons purchased: 411 mT


Metric tons purchased: 344 mT


Metric tons purchased: 277 mT


Metric tons purchased: 192 mT


Metric tons purchased: 62 mT


Metric tons purchased: 185 mT

Total Metric
Tons Purchased:

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