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Wal-Mart: “We see ourselves as an aggregator of carbon”

I am currently attending the Corporate Climate Response conference in NYC (carbon-balanced flying courtesy of Expedia). The following is a recap of a talk by Jim Stanway, Wal-Mart's Director of Project Development and leader of Wal-Mart's Global Greenhouse Gas Strategy team. Your partner in lowering carbon? Against the backdrop of a humorous mockup of a Wal-Mart price notice announcing "rolling… read more →

Forbes takes a contrarian view: don’t buy green

Forbes argues that green consumers should lay off the green goods (free registration required). Items like hybrid cars, organic food, and Ethos bottled water cause more environmental harm than help, the article claims. I like a good contrarian argument probably even more than the next guy, so let's see how Forbes' examples stand up. Say no to hybrids The entirely… read more →


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