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National bike month! National bike month!

It’s national bike month, don’t you know. Get ready for tons and tons of bike blogging!

There’s nothing more powerful than the so-called demonstration effect, which is why I continue to be so enamored with the Copenhagen Bicycle Culture Blog, a site that tirelessly and cheerfully celebrates the seemingly trivial aspects of mass bicycle culture in Denmark. Hopefully the pictures below will put a smile on your face. If they do, go read Alex Steffen’s essay “My Other Car is a Bright Green City” and consider what you can do to bring us closer to that vision. (Click any image to see the original post.)


A bike passenger enjoys Denmark’s liberal outdoor drinking laws while getting towed through Copenhagen.


Here’s a simple idea that never occurred to me: every taxi in Denmark has a rack for hauling up to two bikes. It costs about $2 per bike, at the present horrendous exchange rate.


Think you need an SUV to haul loads? Think again. Cargo bikes are serious business in Denmark.

Think you need a minivan to haul the kids to school? This slightly hypnotic video suggests otherwise.

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