links for 2009-01-27

25 Examples of Good Urban Design - International Herald Tribune Lots of fun stuff in here, including several that are green related. Lockheed, Ocean Power to Team Up on Wave Power Utility-scale wave power finally coming the U.S.? Yes, maybe? Please? read more →

links for 2007-10-30

The other side of global warming | Gristmill Very interesting post on a potentially dry topic: land and soil management. Points out ways in which farm policy basically is climate policy. (tags: globalwarming agriculture) read more →

links for 2007-10-27

Schools Embrace Environment and Sow Debate - New York Times I'm not really sure what the debate here is. I, for one, fully support turning our children into environmental nags... (tags: environmentalism schools) read more →

links for 2007-10-26

50 Ways to Green Your business - Fast Company Fun list of various corporate sustainability initiatives. I suspect Wal-Mart is driving a lot of this. (tags: environment innovation sustainability) China's Green Energy Gap - New York Times Sort of a good news/bad news article. Green energy lags in China, but interest is stronger than many realize. (tags: renewables china) Dot… read more →