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Honda to abandon hybrids for diesel?

Is this the sales profile of a fuel hogging SUV, or a hybrid? Answer -- the hybrid version of the Honda Accord. Source: GreenCarCongress The latest sales data for the Accord Hybrid bring another disappointing, down month (17% for the month, 48% for the year) for the hybrid version of America's most popular car. For comparison, the Prius hit the… read more →

Beyond CFLs: a bright future for LEDs

For all the buzz over compact fluorescents, the low-wattage bulbs are, in all likelihood, a stopgap solution. The real action is in light-emitting diodes (LEDs), although consumers will be waiting several years before they see anything reasonably priced on store shelves. We get occasional inquiries about LEDs, and this recent article in the San Diego Union Tribune provides as good… read more →


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