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Tontitown update: interview with ADEQ

We're nearing the conclusion of our data-gathering for the additionality review. The report should be in the hands of our review panel by the end of this week. We had an opportunity last week to interview the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality. These folks are the source of the most serious charges in the BusinessWeek article. To recap, ADEQ contends… read more →

Conservation tip: fuel efficiency advice from the clinically insane

Read it and weep. Preferably softly, and to yourself. This is a driving competition we can behind. Mother Jones reports on hypermilers, mileage-obsessed drivers who can squeeze 180 mpg out of their hybrids by, well, breaking every traffic and safety law on record. Their hero is Wayne Gerdes, the man who wears the current Most Fuel-Efficient Driver in the World… read more →


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