Green-e Climate certified offsets

Do you have a project that requires Green-e Climate certified offsets? TerraPass can help.  TerraPass has Green-e Climate certified offsets that source from our Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Climate Action Reserve (CAR) certified projects.

Green-e Climate Certified logoGreen-e® Climate is an independent certification program for greenhouse gas emissions reductions (offsets) sold in the voluntary market. The Green-e Climate logo provides a way to identify products that meet the program’s high environmental and consumer protection standards. For more information on Green-e Climate certification requirements, or to find certified products, visit or call 888-63-GREEN.

Green-e Climate certified offsets include reductions from the following projects:

Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority (GLRA)

Location: Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Online Date: 4/1/2008
Standard: VCS
Type of Facility: Landfill Gas Capture

Red Hills Wind Farm

Location: Elk Hills, Oklahoma
Online Date: 10/26/2008
Standard: VCS
Type of Facility: Wind Farm

Clinton Landfill #2 Gas Collection and Combustion Project
Clinton Landfill

Location: Bloomington, Illinois
Online Date: 7/1/2009
Standard: VCS
Type of Facility: Landfill Gas Capture

Rio Grande Valley Landfill
Clinton Landfill

Location: Hidalgo County, Texas
Online Date: 11/10/2009
Standard: CAR
Type of Facility: Landfill Gas Capture/ Combustion

Hernando County Landfill Electric Generation
Hernando County Landfill

Location: Florida
Online Date: 10/7/2008
Standard: CAR
Type of Facility: Landfill Gas Capture


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