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Energy tip #7: get the junk out of your trunk

Fore! Heads-up for incoming savings! If you've been carrying around a set of golf clubs in your car, or, maybe slightly less likely, have managed to strap them to your roof rack, you may be losing out on some precious green fee money. Worse yet, you may be missing out on funds to buy your buddies a round of coffee… read more →

Stockholm’s successful experiment with congestion pricing

There's a lot to like about the idea of congestion pricing to reduce traffic jams and car emissions, but perhaps the most appealing aspect of these schemes is that they appear to work. Experiments in which drivers are required to pay for the right to drive in high-traffic areas at certain times of days suggest that congestion pricing improves public… read more →

Winner of the “world’s longest flight” contest

Last week we announced a contest, with the prize of a Flight TerraPass going to whomever could find the two airports farthest apart in the world using our nifty flight emissions calculator. And the winner is Phil, who dazzled the judges with his discovery of airports at Neiva, Colombia and Palembang, Indonesia that rack up 24,849 round trip miles, sitting… read more →


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