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Check out our new home energy emissions calculator and win fabulous prizes

Our new home energy emissions calculator uses a combination of energy prices, regional energy usage patterns and local emissions data to calculate your home energy emissions. If it sounds complicated, that's because it is. The same $100 spent in one part of the country might have a completely different emisions profile than $100 spent in another. For those intrigued by… read more →

Energy tip #6: tame your fridge

The scene: 'Twas a typical night in the Johnson house. The 1.8 cars resting in the driveway and 2.2 children scarfing down chicken soup and fresh greens at the dinner table. But, just when dinner was coming to a close and with sleep time beckoning, Lynda perpetrated the pecuniary mistake of putting warm soup directly in the fridge. $.03 --… read more →


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