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When passions collide: my love affair with low-carbon beer

I love low-carbon beer. I'm not talking about a beer that's light in calories. Nor am I looking for a beer with less fizz, although I do enjoy a nice hand-pulled ale. I'm certainly not looking for anything alcohol-free. Low-carbon beer is a product with a smaller carbon footprint than its mass-produced brethren, which simply means that less non-renewable energy… read more →

Energy tip #12: ease up on the acceleration, leadfoot

Looking to save on gas money? You can save up to 37% simply by adjusting your style of your driving. If you have a tendency to accelerate quickly and brake aggressively, smoothing out the ride will give your tank some extra legs. Not to mention make your neighborhood a little safer. You'd be amazed how much your of your car's… read more →


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