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Wal-Mart,and the environmental upside of being really, really big

Massive entities such as Wal-Mart naturally have a large impact on the environment. There's a paradoxical benefit to this scale: small efficiencies that wouldn't be worthwhile for others to undertake become meaningful when blown up to Wal-Mart-sized proportions. Here's a fun example. A Wal-Mart business card recently fell into our hands*: Compare this with a standard business card: In case… read more →

Energy Tip #18: Follow the speed limit

From James Dean to The Fast and the Furious to Herbie Goes Bananas, racing has long been an iconic Hollywood staple in which the 'pedal to the metal' mentality is consistently glorified. However, if you like to leave fellow drivers in you wake, you might be interested in knowing that you can save $17-67 (plus a few hundred bucks in… read more →


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