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The evolution of Wal-Mart’s CFL program

The Times took a deeper look recently at Wal-Mart's lightbulb push, providing a fascinating glimpse of just what it means when the world's largest retailer applies its heft to an environmental issue. Before getting into the particulars, though, a digression. Wal-Mart provokes a passionate response in a lot of our readers, and some wonder why we write about the company… read more →

Energy Tip #21: veggie for a week

"Eat your veggies." Who knew that mothers everywhere were really advocating a low-carbon lifestyle? Many environmentalists and health conscious citizens have committed themselves to structuring their diet on vegetarian foods. Others, such as myself, have forayed from time to time into the no meat zone without lasting particularly long. Regardless of individuals' reasons for going veggie or how long they… read more →


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