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Winner of the “world’s longest flight” contest

Last week we announced a contest, with the prize of a Flight TerraPass going to whomever could find the two airports farthest apart in the world using our nifty flight emissions calculator. And the winner is Phil, who dazzled the judges with his discovery of airports at Neiva, Colombia and Palembang, Indonesia that rack up 24,849 round trip miles, sitting… read more →

Audi Diesel wins LeMans, changes perceptions?

Why are diesels currently less than 1% of the vehicles sold in the US and about 40% of the vehicles sold in the EU? One oft-cited reason is the horrible memories we all have of choking as the neighborhood diesel noisily and slowly clanked by. All that may be changing. This weekend, the Audi A10 became the first diesel powered… read more →


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